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Lifestyle and Events


55Alive describes a symbiotic connection between Portera and you. Portera offers exclusive programs and services, we termed as 55Alive, that enhance your pursuit for knowledge, inspiration and vitality. A lifestyle centered around wellness consists of opportunities to improve your mind, your physical body and personal fulfillment. 55Alive is forward motion of your purpose. It’s proactive engagement with where you live, and in turn, where you live optimistically impacts the experiences of your life.
•    Lifestyle Enrichment Coordinator
•    Planned activities, exercise classes and events
•    Group excursions and adventures
•    Local area scheduled public transportation


Portera at the Grove offers a wealth of organized activities, making it easy to meet new people and gain new experiences—no matter your schedule. Living in Portera will ensure that this new chapter of your life will be focused on enjoying yourself physically, mentally, and socially, without the worry and hassle of chores and home upkeep. Contact us to learn more about our community or to find out about our next event.